Your One-stop Sourcing Solution

Home Best Relax, owned by Relax Group, is a dynamic organization that focuses on assisting you to achieve your sourcing needs in finding the most effective and efficient way. Our wide rage of products, and also proprietary warehousing scheme are designed to provide a business environment that is convenience and cost-savings to our buyers all across the world.


Our Origins


Established in Johor, Malaysia in the year 1995, Home Best Relax started its own brand to provide products and services to meet its buyers’ needs. In six (6) years time, we have successfully expand our foothold and presence across Malaysia and overseas. Today, our brand have been known widely across the world and we have set up several companies to cater the rising demand of our buyers, namely: -


    • Home Best Ent. Corp Sdn Bhd (Export Marketing)

    • Lik Yek Sdn Bhd (Local Marketing)

    • Lik Yen Furniture Industries Sdn Bhd (Manufacturing)

    • Muapo Sdn Bhd (Manufacturing)

    • Home Best Relax Furniture Co Ltd (China Joint Venture)


Extensive Product Range


Being a customer orientated organisation, our product and services must be competitive to meet our buyers requirements. At Home Best Relax, we provide one-stop sourcing services to our buyers, where you are able to access to over 1,000 different furniture designs and SKUs; including bedroom, living and board furniture. Besides that we also offer an extensive range of upholstery and finishing for you to choose from. In addition, Home Best Relax is constantly review and diversify its product range to ensure that we always provide the best solutions to our buyers across the world.


Warehouse Programme


Being an one-stop sourcing solution provider, we at Home Best Relax provide complete services from manufacturing until the goods are delivered to your end. Our hi-tech production facilities together with a 50,000sq ft warehouse located in China, that is automated and fully equipped with modern logistic amenities and customer management system (CMS) , which will further enhance the efficiency of order turnaround time and shorten delivery time thus helping our buyers with their inventory management.


Global Presence ,China Expansion


Over the years, we have successfully made our presence felt across the world as we have clients from ASEAN, UAE, Africa, North and South America, Europe. Our aim is to market our brand to every corner of the world. We have also expanded our operations into China to boost our competitiveness in the fast-changing market via Home Best Relax Furniture Co. Ltd via joint venture. As a result, we are able to take advantage of China being the regional hub to also to make our wide product range in Malaysia readily assessible throughout the whole China market. As such, we can stay competitive in providing one-stop sourcing service to our buyers across the world.


Quality Assurance


In Home Best Relax we believe that good quality starts from the beginning of production. Therefore, we apply stringent quality control for every stage of production to ensure quality products. This ensure us to be able to deliver to our buyer on time.


Provider of Solutions and Customer Care


We also provide Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) service for our clients. Being a complete one-stop sourcing provider, we allow our buyer to customise their order as there is no one size fits all theory. All you need to do is approach us and let us know your needs and we will provide personalised solutions via our experienced and professional staffs.